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Millbury, Ohio Tornado Related Media. June 6th 2010.



The DRACONi ENFORCER Is A Prototype Non-Lethal Weapon System Developed By DRACONi Digital / DRACONi Security Agency In 2006. The Weapon System Is Fully Controlled Through The DRACONi ENFORCER Linux Based Software, Including Real Time Streaming Video/Audio. The Software Was Custom Developed By DRACONi To Also Run On A Smart Phone, PDA, DROID, Or Any Web Based Device. The DRACONi ENFORCER Utilizes PEPPERBALL Ammunition For Very Effective Non-Lethal Stopping Power. The DRACONi ENFORCER Has A Cyclic Rate Of 16 RPS In Full Auto Mode.

The DRACONi ENFORCER Is A Select Fire Paintball Gun Type Weapon That Has Been Heavily Modified By DRACONi. The Modifications Include A Laser Red Dot Sighting System For Perfect Target Acquisition Visible Via The Gun Scope Zoom Camera, Two High Resolution CCD Cameras, One Wide Angle Camera For Overall Field Of View, And One Gun Scope Zoom Camera For Aiming The Weapon Accurately At Target, High Density Condenser Microphone For Audio Monitoring/Recording, All Gun Control Systems And Features Are Accessed Via The DRACONi ENFORCER Remote Web Based Software. In 2006 DRACONi Released The ENFORCER Demo Video On YouTube Which Is As Of April 2012 At 107,496 Views! Please Watch The DRACONi ENFORCER Video To See The Demonstration. If You Would Like Additional Information Please Feel Free To Contact DRACONi At Or Using Our Online Contact Form.

DRACONi ENFORCER 2 - Now In Development! Additional Information & Videos Coming Soon!


In The Year 2007 DRACONi Digital's President,CEO Rick Mottmiller And Joe Thielen, Chief Information Officer,CIO Completed A News Segment With Channel 13 ABC In Toledo Ohio Regarding Wireless Web Hacking And Security Of Wireless Routers. The Interview Was Conducted By Jason Knowles Who Now Is Employed As General Assignment Reporter At WLS ABC 7 Chicago. DRACONi Took Jason Knowles And His Cameraman For A Ride Around Downtown Toledo To Provide Them With A Glimpse Into the World Of Wireless Hacking, And How Vulnerable These Systems Really Are To Malicious Attack. DRACONi Then Provided Jason With A Demonstration Of The Techniques/Software Of Capturing Credit Card Numbers Over A Wireless System. Jason Knowles Could Not Believe How Fast We Were Able To Capture His "Fake" Credit Card Number Out Of Thin Air After He Entered It Into A Laptop That Was Connected To A Wireless Router.

It Seems That DRACONi Has Opened The Eyes Of Many People And Companies To Take The Necessary Steps To Protect Their Information And Systems. A Recent Wireless Hacking Protection Commercial Airing In Toledo Ohio For Buckeye Cable System Has The Very Same Theme As Our Video, Including Showing Two Guys "War Driving". Wonder Where They Got The Idea From? Unfortunately, They Are 3 Years Too Late! DRACONi Was Warning People And Our Clients About The Security Vulnerabilities Of Wireless Networks 3 Years Earlier. Enjoy The Video And Make Sure To Use Encryption If You Are Using A Wireless Network Connection, And Never Use A Public Wireless System To Access Any Personal / Confidential Information. A Public Wireless System Is Just That, PUBLIC!

Thank You To Jason Knowles For A Wonderful Interview! You Can Find Out More About Jason Knowles At The Following Links.

Jason Knowles Website

Jason Knowles On LinkedIN


Circa 1995 DRACONi Digital's President,CEO Rick Mottmiller Conducted An Interview On Covert Video Surveillance Installations & Cameras With News Reporter Sarah Bloomquist, Which Was Employed At 13ABC News In Toledo Ohio At The Time. Rick Mottmiller's Former Company The Electric Eye, Specialized In Covert Video Surveillance, Investigations, As Well As Conventional Security & Video Surveillance System Installations. Rick Mottmiller Has Worked With Numerous Law Enforcement, Corporate Security, And Investigation Agencies Providing Them With Unsurpassed Professionalism And Discreet Covert Video Installations.

The Goal Of Every Covert Surveillance Installation Is To Capture The Video Evidence That Various Agencies Need To Determine Without Question Who The Perpetrator Is. Obtaining The Video Evidence Allows Agencies & Companies To Make Better Informed Decisions On How To Handle The Problem They Are Experiencing. To Ensure That The Cameras Remain Undetected, Common Items That Are Already In Place Are Customized With A High Resolution Covert Camera Usually The Size Of A Dime. DRACONi Security Agency Utilizes Decades Of Past Experience & Knowledge Gained From The 1000's Of Installations That Rick Mottmiller Has Completed In The Security Field. Please Watch The Video And See If You Can Spot The Cameras In Some Of The Examples Shown.

Thank You To Sarah Bloomquist For A Fabulous Interview! You Can Find Out More About Sarah Bloomquist At The Following Links.

Sarah Bloomquist Channel 6ABC Action News Philadelphia, PA

Sarah Bloomquist 6ABC News Stories


President, CEO Rick Mottmiller Of DRACONi Security Agency Foiled An Attempted Robbery Of The Main Branch 5/3 Bank In Downtown Toledo In 1991, While Performing His Duties As A Bank Security Officer. Rick Mottmiller Was Attending College At The Time Of The Incident Majoring In Criminal Justice And Electrical Engineering At Owens Community College And The University Of Toledo. For His Actions Rick Mottmiller Received Letters Of Commendation From The Toledo Ohio Branch FBI, The Toledo Police Department Chief Of Police, Phil Wunder Of Continental Secret Service Bureau And David Koenig The Security Director For 5/3 Bank. The Commendation Letters Can Be Viewed On The DRACONi TESTIMONIALS Page.

Thank You WTOL Channel 11 News And The Renowned Retired News Reporter Jeff Heitz. Please Click The Following Links For Additional Information On WTOL.

WTOL Channel 11 News Toledo Ohio Website

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DRACONi Digital - 2005 DEMO VIDEO

This Is The DRACONi Demo Video That Was Released On May 19th 2005 On YouTube. DRACONi Often Creates Demo Videos With Plenty Of "Eye Candy" And Music That Has Been Licensed For Use In The DRACONi Videos We Release. The Production & Editing Is Done Exclusively In House By DRACONi.


This Is The DRACONi Demo Video That Was Released On May 27th 2006 On YouTube. It Features Pictures And Video From Installations Completed In 2006, And Our Desire To "Upload" If It Was Possible. Enjoy!

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